nile bukhara
nile bukhara
nile bukhara


The 'Nile Bukhara' restaurant is a speciality restaurant with a unique cuisine from India's North-West frontier. Since the past twenty five years, the 'Nile Bukhara' is committed to celebrating, providing and cultivating a perfect union of style, art, culture and cuisine. The exclusive, rustic ambience compliments the various mouth-watering, exotic 'Tandoori' (clay oven) items and meals that our Indian chefs have to offer. The restaurant also has the added delight of a glassed-in kitchen, allowing diners to not only observe but also smell the tantalizing aromas of the specialized cooking!

Indian Restaurant and Takeaway
43, Misr Helwan Road, Maadi
(Next to the Entrance to Maadi)
Call 23805999